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customer calls.

Create your OnAir link and enable customers to call you when you're online and available. Seamless and reliable; no more lost leads.

7-days free trial, no credit card required.

Create a link

Reserve a link, such as (onair.io/ yourname) or (onair.io/ yourcompany). Choose between audio or video calls. Set yourself online when you’re free.


Share it

On your website, LinkedIn profile, or text it. You can even embed an email signature (live image) showing your online status!


Receive calls

Your clients do not need to download an app to speak to you. They open the link, and if your status is green, it starts ringing!

Happy Customers

Happy customers

Customers don’t just want to “Book a Call”. They are interested, engaged, and seeking answers!

Instantly speak to a sales rep

No app to download, all web-based

Not having to deal with 1-800 (yes, it’s a feature!)

Happy sales team

Happy sales team

No more scheduling headache. They can take calls from anywhere, flexible hours, flexible locations.

Set status online/offline as convenient

Accessible from the phone, on-the-go

Call routing (round-robin) to different members

Happy business

Happy business

Move faster. Since customers and sales communicate easier; cycles are shorter, and conversion is higher.

Capture leads

Build brand trust

Integrate with CRMs

One, or many links

Reserve a link for yourself (e.g. onair.io/yourname) or for a group (e.g. onair.io/yourteam).


No need to share your phone number or email. Create a masked OnAir link and share it with others.


Your visitors don't need to install any app. They simply visit your link, and it rings on your phone.

Slick queues

Someone dropped in while you’re busy with another client? They’ll be put in a queue and you can drop in-and-out between clients

Email badge

Include OnAir badge in your email signature to show your online status in real-time (green for online, gray for offline).

Website embed

Change your website's "Book a Time" button to "Drop in" when online, and redirect to a different page if offline.

Before OnAir

  • Endless scheduling emails just for a brief call.

  • Phone and WhatsApp contacts are a mess to transfer between team members.

  • Traditional call centers are costly and rigid, not suited for on-the-move operations.

  • Picking and setting up Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet involves too many steps and downloads.

  • Outdated tech complicates capturing essential lead information efficiently.

After OnAir

  • Connect instantly; they call when you're available.

  • One link handles all calls and lead captures, easy to pass around the team.

  • Scales effortlessly, whether flying solo or part of a larger crew, without breaking the bank.

  • Access through a browser; use the same hassle-free link every time.

  • Streamlined lead management, collects info centrally from all team interactions.

Ready to Get Started?

7-days trial, no credit card required, no strings attached.

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